Interim Bylaws


Section 1.01. Name.  The name of the organization shall be the Conservative Republicans of California, hereinafter referred to as “CRC.”



Section 2.01. The powers of the CRC shall be:

(a) To direct, manage, supervise and control its business, property and funds, and to carry out its objectives as approved by the board.

(b) To create and charter CRC units and to supervise and coordinate them.


Section 3.01. Joining CRC.  To become a member of CRC, a person must submit a completed membership form and annual dues to the Secretary. Forms and dues may be submitted in person, by mail, or by electronic means.

Section 3.02. Dues. Annual dues shall be $10 for each member. Dues may be prorated as approved by the board. The Dues for 2011 shall be 5$

Section 3.03. Membership Requirements. In order to be eligible to join CRC, a person must be an American citizen of good moral character who is registered to vote as a Republican in the State of California.

Section 3.04. Chartered CRC Membership Requirements. Chartered CRC units may set their own membership requirements in their bylaws, including the requirement for additional membership dues and forms.

Section 3.05. Members-at-Large. CRC members that are not members to a chartered Republican Assembly are members-at-large. The CRC Board of Directors shall have the exclusive authority to accept, reject, discipline or terminate members-at-large. Members-at-large may not vote at Annual or Special Conventions, unless approved by a two-thirds vote of the board of directors.

Section 3.06. The Board of Directors may approve yout memberships for thoise under 18.



Section 4.01. Ratification of Bylaws. Every CRC unit, by accepting a charter from the CRC ratifies and agrees to be bound in all things by the Bylaws of the CRC and the amendments thereto.

Section 4.02. Membership. Any chartered CRC unit with a membership of ten or fewer members as of January 31, shall be notified by the Secretary that its charter is in jeopardy. If the membership has not increased to a minimum of eleven members within six months after the notice has been sent by the  Secretary, it shall be considered not-in-good-standing and may have its charter and membership revoked at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 4.03. Discipline. Any chartered CRC unit that fails to conform to the Bylaws of the CRC may have its charter and membership suspended or revoked, or may otherwise be disciplined, by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board of Directors; provided, that at least thirty days before such action, notice of such intended action be sent by certified mail by the Secretary to the last reported President and Secretary of such charter CRC unit.

4.04. Surrender of Charter. Any chartered CRC unit that has ceased to be part of the CRC for any reason shall relinquish the name CRC unit



Section 5.01. Title. The officers and directors of the CRC shall be the President, the Immediate Past President, 5 Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer,  Assistant Treasurer and the President of each charter CRC unit. No CRC Board Member shall hold more than one voting position on the Board.

Section 5.02. Election of Officers. Vice Presidents shall be elected at each Annual Convention and shall serve for the period of two years and until their successors are elected and qualified.

Section5:03. The board may conduct business by electronic means.



Section 6.01. President. The President shall preside at all Conventions and all meetings of the Board of Directors. He shall be the chief executive officer of the CRC and shall exercise general supervision over the work and activities of the CRC. He shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of the President.

Section 6.02. Immediate Past President. The Immediate Past President shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him by the President or the Board of Directors.

Section 6.03. Vice Presidents. In the event of the inability of the President to perform his duties, the Vice President selected by the Board of Directors shall preside and perform the duties of, and have the same authority as the President. The Vice Presidents shall also perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of Vice President or as may be assigned to them by the President or the Board of Directors.

Section 6.04. Secretary.  The Secretary shall be responsible for all minutes and correspondence of the organization..

Section 6.05. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall perform and is responsible for the financial affairs of the organization.

Section 6.06. Assistant Treasurer. The Assistant Treasurer shall have such duties and responsibilities as may be delegated to him by the Treasurer and shall perform other duties as are specified or implied in the Bylaws, or as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.


ARTICLE VII – Chartered CRC Units

Section 7.01. Structure. A chartered CRC units include membership within a reasonably coherent geographical area (county, city, town, community, etc.) within the State of California, shall be the only such CRC in that territory. CRC chartered unit shall not incorporate.

Section 7.02. Officers and Directors. Each CRC unit shall have a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, plus such additional officers as may be specified in its bylaws. It may also have a Board of Directors, as specified in its bylaws.

Section 7.03. Meetings. Each CRC shall hold at least one meeting or participate in a Regional or County CRC each quarter and submit membership reports and dues to the secretary along with the names and addresses of members. All membership records are confidential and will not be shared with vendors or others without approval of the board of directors.

Section 7.04. Application for Charter. Application for charter of a new CRC unit shall be made on the standard petition form as adopted by the Board of Directors of the CRC, which petition shall be signed by at least ten persons eligible for active membership in the prospective CRC unit.

Section 7.05. Conditions of Organization. The organization of the new CRC unit shall have:

(a) Ratified the Bylaws of the CRC.

(b) Adopted its own bylaws.

(c) Elected its own officers and directors (if any) and committees, and accomplished its organization in accordance with its bylaws.

(d) be certified as eligible by at least two members of the board of directors.

Section 7.06. All disputes may be settled by the Board of Directiors



Section 8.01. The President may nominate and board approve committees and membership.

Section 8.02. The board approves the time, program and place of the state convention

Section 8.03. All dues paying members of charter delegate assemblies may be delegates at a statewide convention provided they paid dues  60 days in advance of the starting date of the convention.  A quorum shall consist of one-third of the Delegates at the Convention. Once attained, quorum shall remain in effect until the time set by the Delegates for the adjournment of the Convention.

Section 8.04. All endorsements must be done by a two-thirds vote.

Section 8.05. Any CRC member who works on a for-pay basis for, directly or as a consultant, or who has a direct financial interest separate from a general economic interest—any candidate, elected official, or issue campaign, must disclose the relationship or interest prior to speaking in support of or opposition to endorsing a candidate, resolution, elected official, issue campaign, initiatives, recall or referendums.



Section 9.01. Two-thirds Vote for Local Endorsements. Endorsement of candidates for local office, and endorsements for or against the recall of local officials, shall require the support of two thirds of the delegates present and voting at a local endorsing convention. Delegates must be present at a physical meeting in order to vote. Absent or abstaining delegates shall reduce the number needed for an endorsement, but delegates expressly voting not to endorse shall not reduce that number. The failure of any CRC unit to participate in a local endorsing convention shall not invalidate an endorsement from that convention.

Section 9.02. Procedure for Calling Local Endorsing Conventions. The temporary chairman of the local endorsing convention shall be the highest-ranking state officer in the particular district within which the candidate is to be elected or the official is to be recalled. Where the district has officers of equal rank, the temporary chairman shall be determined by lot. If no state officer resides in the district, then the state officer who resides nearest to the district shall serve as temporary chairman. The temporary chairman shall provide at least ten days written notice of the date, time, place and purpose of the local endorsing convention to the President and Secretary of each chartered CRC unit entitled to participate, except in cases of urgency, in which case equal notice shall be given to the Presidents and Secretaries of such chartered CRC units. If the temporary chairman fails to call an endorsing convention by the 50th day before the date of the election or recall election, then the convention may be called by the CRC President or by a majority of the officers of the largest chartered CRC unit entitled to participate).

Section 9.03. Representation. The temporary chairman, or whoever calls the local endorsing convention, shall specify the number of delegates that chartered CRC units in the district shall be entitled to send to the convention. All chartered CRC units wholly or partially within the particular candidate or official’s district shall be entitled to equal representation. The number of potential delegates from each CRC unit entitled to participate shall not be fewer than three nor more than seven unless a different number was previously approved by the President of every chartered CRC unit in the district prior to the notice of the local endorsing convention. Each chartered CRC unit shall elect the delegates and alternates for local endorsing conventions except when the members of that CRC unit have voted to allow the President or Board of Directors of that CRC unit to appoint all the delegates and alternates.

Section 9.04. Limitations on Endorsing.

(a) Neither the CRC nor any chartered CRC unit shall endorse any candidate for any public office, whether partisan or non-partisan, unless such candidate is a duly-registered member of the Republican Party.

(b) The CRC President, upon being notified prior to an election, or between elections, of any alleged infraction of the Bylaws concerning endorsement of candidates or issues, or recall of an elected official, shall immediately conduct an investigation of the alleged infraction and take whatever action is deemed necessary to protect the endorsement or recall privilege and the good name of the CRC.

(c) Only one person may be endorsed for a particular office.

(d) Only individuals who have been certified as eligible by the appropriate election official may be endorsed for a particular office.

(e) For purposes of determining eligibility to vote, delegates to a local endorsing convention must have been members of their respective chartered CRC unit no less than 45 days prior to the date of the local endorsing convention.

Section 9.05. If a local endorsing convention involves only a single chartered CRC Unit, then no delegate selection process shall apply, and all members of that CRC unit shall be eligible to vote on the endorsement.

Section 9.06. If no CRC Unit is active in district, county or city where candidates are eligible for endorsement, then CRC State Board may endorse.



Section 10.01. The most current version of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically addressed by the Bylaws of the CRC.



Section 11.01. Place and Vote Needed. Amendments to these Bylaws shall be made only at,  Annual or Special Conventions of the CRC by a two-thirds vote of the Delegates and Delegates-at-Large present and voting.

Section 11.02. Notice Required and Limitations. Proposed amendments to the Bylaws shall be delivered or mailed to the Secretary at least fifty days prior to the date of the Convention. The Secretary shall send the text of the proposed amendments to the Secretary of each chartered CRC unit not less than thirty days prior to the first day of the Convention. The Convention shall have power to revise the text of such amendments, but shall adhere to the subject matter thereof as specified any appointed  Bylaws Committee.