American flags are dangerous?, Anti-Trump teachers union, & Millennials GROW UP!

<div id=”watch-description-text” class=”watch-editable”>
<p id=”eow-description” class=””>Hr 1: Xander Gibb host of X-Rad Re: Trump interviewing potential appointees he says… Jesus could walk into Trump Tower and the Dems would scream “He does too many miracles!” AND… Burning the American flag isn’t free speech, it’s downright disrespect. And now, students are told not to fly Old Glory over fears of post-election backlash. AND… Joe says, if you haven’t offended anyone today, you’re not doing your job.</p>
Hr 2: Conservative Commando, Rick Trader asks, do you hear the whines of liberals? That’s the sound of the pendulum swinging back to the Right! AND… San Francisco teachers’ union posts anti-Trump curriculum and advises teachers not to “tell students that we have lost.” AND… 45% of the time, Paul Ryan voted with Nancy Pelosi. Who’s team is he REALLY on? AND… Joe runs down the actual numbers in demographics of who voted for Trump.

Hr 3: Piers Morgan says to millennials, you know what that awful feeling after the election is? It’s what LOSING feels like! And tells them to suck it up. AND… After 8 years of Obama we have a whole new dictionary of microaggressions and trigger warnings and 100% more safe spaces on college campuses. AND… 40% of millennials think they should be promoted every 2 years regardless of performance. AND… Divorce rates are the lowest they’ve been in 40 years… because?? AND… It’s time to stop drinking Pepsi. CEO says they are all in mourning over Trump’s election.

Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?