Can we trust Putin in terror war?

Recent news from

(American Thinker) — Could Putin ever be trusted as an ally in the jihad war?

Here are some thoughts.

1) Putin can be trusted to act in his own self-interest. If we elect a patriotic American next year (i.e., never a Democrat), a win-win arrangement might be achieved with Russia. Europe and the democratic nations of Asia would follow.

2) Putin was trained as a KGB agent and a fast-rising career star before the Soviet Empire fell apart. He specialized in studying and infiltrating the West, particularly (West) Germany. He is personally sophisticated, speaks fluent German, and understands Europe and the Middle East as well as any national leader today.

In his words and public actions Putin presents as a classical Russian nationalist leader, using the Russian Orthodox Church as his main ideological support. What the Communist Party used to do for the Kremlin — creating domestic direction and credibility — the Patriarch of Moscow is now doing. If you doubt that, please check the web.

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