Fidel Castro was NOT a freedom-fighter!

Fidel is dead! Thank God! It’s sad that he didn’t get a chance to know the love of God while he was alive, but that was his choice. The Left is almost in as much mourning for Fidel as it was for JFK and MLK. The same Left loons that called Trump a dangerous man, […]

Muslims are laughing at us!

  For the last few days CAIR has proudly shared a video (linked here) on their various social media sites depicting the American flag waving at the state capitol building in Oklahoma as the call to prayer is being blasted and praying Muslims sit on the floor of the Capitol rotunda praying. The women are […]

GOP establishment piles on Trump! Surprised?

First let me say I’m NOT a Trump supporter. I don’t really want to have to vote for him, but if you leave me choices like the self-absorbed, all-important, liar and cheat, her highness, “I can be bought” Hillary or “Feel the Bern” like a bad rash, let me give you everything that belongs to […]

After House Passed Bill Tightening Controls On Syrian Refugees, a CNN Reporter Tweeted This

The latest from A CNN reporter wrote on Twitter that the Statue of Liberty had bowed its head “in anguish” after the House passed legislation strengthening the screening process for refugees fleeing war-torn Syria. House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish @CNNPolitics — Elise Labott […]

In the Debate Over Syrian Refugees, Ben Carson Warns That the U.S. Must Balance Safety Against ‘Just Being a Humanitarian’

The latest from Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson ignited controversy Thursday when he used an analogy comparing “rabid dogs” to terrorists who infiltrate countries by posing as refugees. Speaking to the press following a campaign event in Mobile, Ala., Carson said the United States needs to exercise caution when considering whether to move forward […]

Terror tip-off sparks alert at Vatican, Duomo

Recent news from (SkyNews) Italy has increased security at its historic monuments in the Vatican, Rome and Milan after a warning from the FBI of possible jihadist attacks. Saint Peter’s Square, Milan’s Duomo cathedral and its famous Scala opera house were among possible targets flagged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which also passed […]

House passes bill to ‘pause’ refugee flow from Syria, Iraq

Recent news from Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. The House voted Thursday to approve a bill that would require a new “certified” screening process for refugees coming from Iraq and Syria but the bill is unlikely to pass in the Senate, says Minority Leader Harry Reid, and some conservatives are saying the bill […]

Can we trust Putin in terror war?

Recent news from (American Thinker) — Could Putin ever be trusted as an ally in the jihad war? Here are some thoughts. 1) Putin can be trusted to act in his own self-interest. If we elect a patriotic American next year (i.e., never a Democrat), a win-win arrangement might be achieved with Russia. Europe […]

Transgender ‘sex worker’ added to civil-rights exhibit

Recent news from (CNS News) The taxpayer-funded Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery has added a photo of a transgender sex worker to its “Struggle for Justice” civil rights exhibit. No, you’re not crazy — but the world being created by the left is. Read “The Snapping of the American Mind.” The photograph depicts Sylvia […]

Give a Child a Raisin and You Might Be Able to Predict How They’ll Do in School? That’s What One Study Found

The latest from If you put a raisin in front of a toddler and tell them they have to wait to eat it, you’ll probably have a pretty tempted child on your hands. But a new study found that in doing just that, researchers were able to predict how well, to an extent, the […]