Expectant Mother Had to Take an Online College Exam, but She Was Also in Labor. Decisions, Decisions…

The latest from TheBlaze.com: Tommitrise Collins had two choices. Tommitrise Collins (Image source: Facebook) The blue pill: The 21-year-old could delay her online psychology test until after she delivered her baby — after all, she was in labor on the day of the exam last week. The red pill: The Middle Georgia State University student could […]

State Department Tells TheBlaze That Refugee Vetting System Is Strong, Despite Reports of ‘Several Dozen’ Terrorists Slipping Through

The latest from TheBlaze.com: Dozens of suspected terrorist bomb makers may have been allowed through the United States vetting process as Iran and Afghanistan war refugees, ABC News reported. The report comes as the Obama administration is making the case for allowing thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States, arguing there will be a […]

Warning From Ted Cruz: ‘Far Too Many’ Republicans Are Eager to Drag US Into Syria’s Civil War

The latest from TheBlaze.com: Putting U.S. troops on the ground in Syria to counter the Islamic State and take on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime would be a mistake, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Wednesday. “I don’t believe the answer is sending boots on the ground to Syria,” the Republican candidate for president told reporters in […]

In Wake of Paris Terror Attacks, French President Says 30,000 Refugees Will Still Be Accepted

The latest from TheBlaze.com: As Paris continues to recover from Friday’s terrorist attacks and French anti-terrorism forces carry out early-morning raids, French President Francois Hollande announced Wednesday that he is holding to the pledge that his country will continue to accept thousands of Syrian refugees, ABC News reported. “France will remain a country of freedom,” Hollande […]

‘Ground-Breaking’ Study on the Role Breakfast Can Play in Academic Achievement

The latest from TheBlaze.com: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The old adage rings true for students who wish to attain higher academic levels, a new study found. Photo credit: Shutterstock Research from Cardiff University in the U.K. suggests that just eating a morning meal is directly related to academic achievement. According […]

Take at Look Inside This ‘Luxury’ Underground Bunker Capable of Withstanding a 20-Kiloton Nuclear Blast That’s on the Market for $17.5 Million

The latest from TheBlaze.com: While some dwellings on the market are listed as Cape Code, Colonial, Tudor and more, each depending on their architectural style, a listing in Georgia is described as only “other.” Featuring 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms on a 32-acre lot in Tifton, Georgia, about two hours southwest of Savannah, the $17.5 […]

Gunfire, Explosions Heard As Police Conduct Anti-Terror Raid on Suspected Paris Attacks Mastermind

The latest from TheBlaze.com: Gunfire was exchanged and explosions were heard early Wednesday morning in a Paris suburb as police conducted an anti-terror raid targeting Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected mastermind behind Friday’s terror attacks. KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images The Associated Press reported that two were killed, including a woman who detonated a suicide vest. Four police […]

Former Al Qaeda Terrorist Offers Chilling Warning: Another Attack Coming ‘Within the Next Two Weeks’

The latest from TheBlaze.com: A former member of Al Qaeda in Yemen warned Tuesday that a terror attack is likely within the next two weeks. Morten Storm, an ex-terrorist who later became a double agent for the CIA, told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that he believes an attack is imminent. “I believe that within […]

Obama Mocks GOP Critics Over Syrian Refugees With Scathing Remarks: ‘Doesn’t Seem So Tough to Me’

The latest from TheBlaze.com: President Barack Obama on Tuesday blasted Republican critics who have been critical of allowing Syrian refugees to enter the U.S. Speaking in the Philippines after a meeting with President Corazon Aquino, Obama said comments made by some on the right were “offensive” and “political posturing,” according to the White House pool […]

Adviser to Ben Carson Rebuked by Campaign After Making These Comments to New York Times

The latest from TheBlaze.com: A foreign policy adviser to Ben Carson was rebuked by the retired neurosurgeon’s campaign Tuesday after providing the New York Times with unflattering comments about the 2016 contender. Duane Clarridge, an 83-year-old former CIA agent, suggested Carson was unable to grasp important information about the Middle East. “Nobody has been able […]