Dems threaten Catholic church – change or be banned!

Dems threaten Catholic Church…

Syrian Refugees want more?

California schools dropping requirements to pass students!

Enough Liberal Lunacy!

What are safe and sane gun laws?

Abortion is NOT in the Bible

There is no mention of abortion in the bible BUT its doesn’t stop there!

Offensive man-made words!

Athletes must advocate for gay rights?

Gun Drop Boxes – REALLY?

Praying vs. swearing in public, Hilton scraps porn, & Texas border Hispanics love Trump

Praying in public… it’s still free speech. If you get to swear in public, then I get to pray. Hilton Hotels get 1000 emails a week to remove porn from their TV offerings. Done! Gov. Bobby Jindal screened Planned Parenthood videos outside mansion during pro-abortion protest. Hispanics at Texas Border vindicate Donald Trump. Yep, they […]