Christian Apathy !

or “The problem with “mainstream” Christianity!”

Words have meanings right? Society keeps “evolving” with words or in “reality” it just changes the meanings to suit the political atmosphere.

This used to be something only hard core politicos might attempt but I’m finding more and more of “mainstream” Christians are now doing the same thing. Some Christians find it necessary to dance around or water down the true meanings of God’s word and commandments so people around them wont think they are too harsh or “religious:

I was trying to figure out why? What would cause someone that says they believe in something to change it or ignore parts of it to make themselves feel better.

Now not to disrespect my Catholic friends, not my intention. BUT Mrs Pelosi is in her words a “devout Catholic” how can that be?

I use Catholics because mainstream Catholic churches (yes there are NON mainstream Catholic churches) believe the Pope is the Supreme leader and the final word on earth for the meaning of scripture. It’s based on the Catholic understanding that Peter was the first Pope by way of Christ saying he would build his church on the truth that Peter spoke when Christ asked him who HE was.

I use the example that you can’t follow Muhamad and say you’re a Christian! You can’t make Christ your Lord and be a Buddhist, you follow me. You can’t be a smoker and never touch a cigarette or cigar or whatever.

Pelosi says she is a devout Catholic, however she believes in abortion, the church and scripture are against abortion. Nancy is an advocate of same sex marriage however the Catholic church is opposed to same sex marriage. So what Catholic church or doctrine is she really following.

I recently had words with someone on facebook about a Christian issue and at first I thought I was discussing the bible with a follower of Christ. Now for the record, I don’t know if this person is a follower of Christ, not for me to decide it’s up to them and Christ. But the bible does say we would know them because of their fruits and how we treat each other Christian to Christian.

What started the conversation was that she wrote how proud she was that her son wrote a play /poem based on the story of Adam and Eve, but he added a reference to “steve”. He took a different viewpoint than scripture said and had a different viewpoint of what Eve or Adam was thinking and doing. But when I questioned her she said the story was basically a fairy tale. She in a few paragraphs stated that most of the stories in the bible were NOT real but simply that stories written by men.

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