Engage: How to Talk Politics with Complete Strangers (Yes, you CAN do it!)

(TRS Lead writer – Gwendolyn Sims)

In these chaotic, contradictory, and downright confusing times, I’m often asked how to talk politics with strangers.

As conservatives, we are by nature, well, conservative, but that shouldn’t stop us from talking about what we stand for and what we believe. In fact, that unwillingness to articulate what and who we are, often works to our disadvantage. Frankly, that’s exactly how we got so far down this leftist rabbit hole. We got here by allowing the other side to speak to who we are; to define us. That can and must stop now.

While I realize not everyone is comfortable talking to strangers, I do it every chance I get. Really, what is there to lose? Will I be uncomfortable? Probably. Will strangers think I’m weird? Possibly, but so what, they’re strangers for goodness sake! Will my kids be embarrassed? Most likely (Geez, do you have to talk to everyone, mom?!), but they’ll get over it, and secretly, I know they’re proud of me. They are precisely why I do it; my kids. My kids’ and their futures are worth a little uncomfortable embarrassment on my part.

Here’s how I typically approach talking politics in every day life. The following happened during my last trip to my local supermarket:

On Christmas Eve, I was in a long line at the checkout stand. Behind me in line was a Hispanic dad with his two young adult sons. The dad was probably in his mid-thirties while one son was around 18 and the other about 20.
I noticed the sons were picking up the tabloids and discussing the hideous Kardashians. I merely listened to their conversation……..

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