Halloween brought out some of the REAL Lib Loons!

A lot of you saw the posts on Facebook about a parent (don’t know if it was mom, dad, both or whatever) who asked other parents in the neighborhood not to exclude their child from Halloween. You see, their child has a peanut allergy and could get very sick simply from coming into contact with them.

The parents posted flyers around the neighborhood saying, “Attention parents: My son has severe allergies and comes home every year devastated that he can’t eat any candy he’s collected at your homes while trick-or-treating, Don’t exclude my child or any other child from the fun.”

Let me start by saying, it’s awful that he has a peanut allergy, BUT are we again and again and again going to stop doing these things to cater to the few? Parents could go through the bag at the end of the evening and separate out the candy. Or the parents of that child could go out and buy some acceptable treats for that child to have later on.

That child can enjoy the fun of the evening with his friends and when he gets home, his parents can take control, teach him that things are not always going to go his way or workout for him, and he needs to learn to adjust. That’s a great life lesson!

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