Hey Christians: A little late to the party!

Hey! Yo! Christians… it’s a little late to start complaining about Donald Trump.

I’m watching all the garbage on social media from conservative Christian Republicans asking Christians all over to get on their knees and pray Trump doesn’t win!  HELLO!?!

First, does God work that way? Are you really supposed to pray for a human being not to achieve their goals? Especially one who claims to be a Christian? You’re praying against your brother in Christ?

Personally, I believe that the Bible scripture telling us not to judge lest we be judged is referring to salvation. So I would never say someone is NOT saved or not a Christian because I don’t know what’s in their heart! I’ll leave this one to the Lord on that person’s judgement day. To my Christian friends, how many times have you looked or acted “unChristian”?

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