How fake news and delusions win elections!

Will this ever end? This is like the march of the spoiled brats. They lost! In the immortal (God I hope not!) words of Mr. Obama, “I won. Get over it.” The Left was all excited when he won again in 2012, even though they had precincts that reported over 108% of the registered voters. Even though they had people voting in Virginia who were over 150 years old. Even though they had proven cases of people voting in areas they didn’t live and way too many more to list here. No problem. Not a peep from the Left. In fact, they actually ridiculed anyone who even questioned these issues.

Now, after this election, they haven’t found anything NOT to complain about. Even though almost ALL the voter fraud in this election was in favor of the Dems, they are complaining that the Russians influenced the election outcome in favor of Mr. Trump. Not really by tampering with voting machines as the Dems have done in the past, not by overvotes in precincts like the Dems have allowed in the past, not even by helping dead people vote.

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