Merry Christmas to all who still celebrate!

Happy Holidays to those who really don’t know what to celebrate or why they celebrate! Happy Run-Up-Your -Debt Day! Or Happy Festivus! Happy Happy! Whatever floats your boat as they say.

Unless you want to go back to pre-Catholic church days, it’s simply Christmas. Yes, for those of you scholars who think you’re going to school me, save your brain cells and voice waves. I know, as millions of others Christians do, that Christ was NOT born in the dead of winter. We got it. Thanks. Jesus was probably born closer to the end of summer based on the shepherds still in the fields and the animals still grazing. Yes, the Catholic Church moved the celebration of Christ’s birth, as they did with other events, to line up with a “pagan holiday,” not because they wanted to be like pagans, but because they were trying to draw more people in.

My mother was born in Italy at a time when records were not kept well for years. We celebrated her birthday on June 15th. She eventually found out her birthday was June 6th, not the 15th. OMG! What do we do now? Was she not born? Is she not real? Was her whole life a fake? NO!

Even if you don’t believe that Jesus is Lord, nearly every religion acknowledges Him as a real person and as a prophet or, at a minimum, a very righteous and good man who went about spreading love.

Christmas is CHRISTmas. Yes, the fat man in the red suit worked his way in. The tree worked its way in. The green man, Mr. Grinch (one of my favorites!) worked his way in. Traditions have come and gone but the one that remains now and always is Jesus. He’s not a tradition. He is real. He was born and gave His life for all of us. That’s why it’s CHRISTmas.

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