Mr. Obama’s Impartiality?

Mr. Obama has once again shown his utter disdain for Conservatives. Before getting into office he said in a speech that we weren’t a red country, we weren’t a blue country, we were a purple country. However, he seems to have become color blind to all but his own Party’s color.

Leading up to First Lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral, I recently made a comment on Facebook that President Obama only seemed to want to go to “thugs” funerals. He has blown off some of the most beloved people in society and some of the most important figures in history. Why? Because they don’t fit his narrative, they don’t give him a Chris Matthews “tingle.”

In response to my comment, the question placed to me was… what other president has attended a First Lady’s funeral. Is that really the test? What other president has “honored” thugs with representation at their funerals? NONE!

Let’s break it down a bit.

Obama has attended the funerals of:  Clementa Pinckney – State Senator, Beau Biden, Nelson Mandela, Tom Foley – former Speaker, Daniel Inouye – Senator, Robert Byrd – Senator / KKK club founder, Dorothy Height – Civil rights icon, Walter Cronkite – broadcaster, and Ted Kennedy – Senator/Murderer.

He sent Mr. Biden to attend these funerals: Antonin Scalia, Louis Stokes – member of the House, Clementa Pinckney – State Senator (with Mr. Obama), Rafael Ramos – NYC police officer, Ariel Sharon – Prime Minister of Israel, Daniel Inouye – Senator (also with Mr. Obama), Sargent Shriver – first director of the Peace Corps, and Robert Byrd – Senator / KKK club founder (also with Mr. Obama).

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