Mr. President, PLEASE Return from OZ!

Mr. President, PLEASE Return from OZ, or Mars, or wherever your mind is currently at. Really successful people surround themselves with people of knowledge. They don’t do it to spend hordes of money. They do it to have the best information from those who have expertise so they have a greater chance of being successful.

Mr. Obama loves to convene “commissions” and “committees” of these “knowledgeable” people… and then totally ignore them.

He ignores his NSA briefing. By his own admission, he almost never reads them. When he read something about ISIS gaining ground, orders were given to dumb-down the reports so Americans would not know how these guys operated. I believe he didn’t think they would really amount to anything at the time.

During the debate with Romney, you’ll recall President Obama saying Russia was not a problem. He even quipped with something like, “The 1980’s called. They want their Russian fear-mongering back.” He was just sure that they were not a threat and that only Al Qaeda was, but even it was really no longer a big threat.

The President brought together a “jobs” dream team to help strengthen the jobs situation in America. He appointed Jeffrey R. Immelt, the Chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE). He may has well have appointed Attila the Hun to the UN Human Rights Commission (they have also done that several times!) Immelt, has moved most of the manufacturing and jobs for GE overseas, yes, to a foreign country. He is supposed to help rebuild America’s job market… not another country’s! He and the president set up for a great recovery. We still have 92 million Americans of the work (a RECORD high out) and over 72% of all new jobs are part time. Just what we need, right?!

Recently in the wake of gun violence he brought together a group of law enforcement officials to the White House. Not one was a pro-gun official. No conservative sheriffs or chiefs of police. Who did he choose? Mostly policy makers and legislators. Who better to help figure out how to deter gun violence than people who aren’t involved with it day to day, right? It doesn’t make any sense.

But again, The Prez, after saying he doesn’t have the ability to do it alone through executive order, is working on an executive order for gun control. That must have been OZ-speak. Like the whole “if you like your doctor” and the classic “I can’t act on immigration alone” and then did it anyway. Lie after lie after lie.

Anyone see a pattern here?
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