The Democrats are proving how deaf they really are!

The transition team is in disarray! Trump’s team is falling apart! Trump’s team is bonkers! Ben Carson won’t take a position on the cabinet, what does he know that we don’t? We all know the planet is flat! The sun and planets all revolve around the Earth and whatever else the Loons on the Left will try to throw at us!

According to the Left, ALL the key appointments President Elect Donald Trump has announced so far are terrible for the country. Mind you, these same people said Trump could never win. He wasn’t a serious player. Don’t let them pick your lottery tickets.

He named three appointees on Friday, including retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser. The Democrat News Network (DNN) aka: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and more actually say that this choice shows Trump doesn’t understand how government works. I say GOOD! They say Flynn was too hard charging and he may have been fired from the Defense Intelligence Agency. I’ll bet it wasn’t for using a personal email server and lying about classified emails.

I don’t want Trump to “understand” government. I want him to rely on people he trusts like Vice President Elect Mike Pence and others he’s selected to be on his advisory team so far, and then make the decisions on his own.

And to the Dems, just a reminder… You Lost! Your direction, ideals, and your ideology LOST. Your own people, Union-Working, Life-long Democrats rejected your governing style and foundation. To sum it up… your opinion on this matter doesn’t count!

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